My Morning Coffee…

I have a daily routine at work that when 9 am hits my co-worker and I head for Tim Horton’s for our morning caffeine fix. I actually do not function at full mass until I have had my coffee. My morning coffee sets the tone for my whole day, its serious business. However, there have been times, happily very few times when the ‘Tim Hortons Ladies” have messed with my order. Today was one of those times, I like my large coffee with 2 creams nothing more. Today they added sugar, I cannot tell you how much sugar disgust me now when it is in my coffee. It seriously makes me feel sick, I use to be a 3 sugar Gal but decided one day that I needed to cut it out of my diet if I am going to be serious about leading a healthful life. Also my hero Tosca Reno says sugar is poison and it is! There is no nutritional or health benefits to eating sugar. If you have ever seen Tosca you understand why I look up to her. She is 50 and freakin Fabulous, I have had the honor of meeting her in person and let me tell you she looks the same in person as she does on the cover of Oxygen Magazine. How many fifty year olds do you know that have their butt on the cover of a national fitness magazine, yes she is to be admired. My goal is to have my butt on the magazine as well when I am fifty! (it is more of an on going joke with my friends, but hey you never know! Dream big or go home right?)

Now ladies if you are stressing about getting older it is unavoidable we age, such is life! Instead of looking to botox or whatever other crazy stuff they have out there to make you look younger I highly recommend looking to Tosca for inspiration. Her fit and clean eating lifestyle is proof that you can age beautifully without injections or going under the knife. Still not convinced check her out at

Hmm this blog was originally started to complain about my morning coffee. What started of as a rant turned into something positive, don’t you love when that happens. If only I could omit the cream from my coffee and drink it black than my morning coffee will never be ruined again. Unless they burn it, don’t you hate that?


Hopeful in TO


  1. I thought you wanted to have your butt on the cover when you were 40?I highly recommend reading the sugar blues….. a very good book.

  2. Hey Amanda,I figure 50 gives me more time..LOLI have read the sugar blues and yes it is a great book, and a good read to help kick the sugar habit.

  3. Thats what I thought!!!!Am thinking perhaps I need to read the book again!!!

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