World Cup Finals

Ok single ladies it’s time to hit the pubs because if you want men (not necessarily single ones) they will be out, or at least should be, this weekend. Hit a pub with a patio, as the weather is supposed to be nice and put on a cute, yet appropriate outfit to cheer on Spain or the Netherlands.

In the case you don’t know much about football (this is soccer in European talk) here are some basics:
1.Spain and Netherlands are playing in the final.
2.The game starts at 2:30 pm EST so be at pubs by 1 pm EST to ensure a half decent seat.
3.Neither Spain nor Netherlands has won the WC so they are both virgins.
4.Spain is favoured over the Netherlands but this depends on who you’re talking to.
5.FIFA stands for – The Fédération Internationale de Football Association (International Federation of Association Football).
6.Side Note: There was an Octopus in Berlin who predicted all the Germany victories and then their defeat to Spain. He’s been 100% right this World Cup, he’s apparently predicted Spain to take it all, so if you’re not sure who to vote for, go with the oracle octopus.

The above basics should give you enough to fake your way into knowing what’s going on and to talk to the single cutie. If you actually like football and want to learn more visit the FIFA website at:


Queen B

BTW – That’s a pic of Iker Casillas, he’s the Spanish goalie, yummo indeed.


  1. Great advice Queen B!! Now you must tell me what I should where on Sunday when we go to watch the game…Go Netherlands!! When in doubt I go for the underdog.

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