Kings of Leon had our sex on fire

Last night the Single Gals team was part of the sold out crowd in attendance for the Kings of Leon show at the Molson Amphitheatre in Toronto. We are big fans of the band, Caleb’s voice can melt the panties off any women and he did just that. Even though he was battling a cold he sounded his sultry best last night. He made our thighs quiver when he sang ‘Sex on Fire’ and ‘On Call’. Matthew KOL guitarist was getting his dirty rock star on when he played Sex on Fire with his mouth, it was much appreciated by the SG Team but he did lack the finesse of Nikki Sixx who would run his tongue down his bass and make a girl wonder what else he could do with that tongue. KOL has added a bassist to the line up, well in true SG fashion I must say we did noticed how hot he was and were thinking future yummo.

Over all the concert was excellent, the band sounded great, looked good but they cheaped out on their set. They only played for 90 minutes and could have easily played for another hour. Last year when we saw them they played for over 2 hours and even threw in a drum solo which was very good, the drummer can play drums, while chewing gum, smoking and drinking beer! God I love a man who can mutli-task. Now I understand that Caleb was battling a cold, but seriously man up dude you are 28 years old. Bon Jovi played a 2.5 hour set last week, and they are 20 years older than you, Jon(48) even had a calf muscle injury but never mentioned it, he just Rocked It!.

So boys you do not get the SG stamp of approval this time, only because of the short set. For future I think you need to take a Rock Star 101 program, that includes such courses as “How to play through a injury/cold/ addiction”, “ How to make your 1.5 hour set last 2.5 hours” and my personal favorite “The fine art of guitar/bass licking”.

Single Gals Disapprove


  1. Hopefully , they will read your comments & take your advice! They are such a good band – maybe with time they will measure up to being at a "Rockstar" status!

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