The future holds…

Here is the best piece of advice that I can give to all you Single Gals, stay away from Psychic’s!  Unfortunately no one warned me to stay away and I have been to a few different ones. The first time was after my very bad break-up with ‘F’ed in the head’.  She was so accurate about the whole situation you would think she was living with us. She also predicted that my brother and his wife would have a baby,  not really shocking she had a 50/50 chance but the Doctors had told them that they cannot have one  but low and behold they did. This same Psychic said I would meet someone and we were going to start off as friends.
A couple of years later I went to another Psychic and she said yes I am going to meet ‘HIM” my soul mate, this meeting was going to take place at a party or big event like a wedding. She said he is a do-gooder, and that we will have a daughter. She too had told me a few things that happen to come true, they do not pertain to me personally so I will not divulge that information. I’ve been to many parties since that day and I have yet to meet ‘HIM’.
Lastly I went to a psychic a few months back he had said, he is coming, be open to it and it will be a fatal attraction.  I asked what he meant by fatal because fatal has never been a good word in my books, least of all to describe a relationship.  He said that we will be totally drawn to each other. I did not ask how I will meet said ‘Fatal Attraction’ because I did not want to start looking for him. 
Over the last four years I have seen 3 different psychics and they all say I am going to meet ‘HIM’.  After the first Psychic visit I kept looking to meet the friend that would turn into being more than a friend. After the second visit any guy I’d  meet I’d find out if he was into volunteering, or had causes he strongly believed in, I haven’t met that do-gooder , and the last visit I started to look for the guy that makes me breathless, because if I can’t breathe that is pretty fatal. Ladies save yourself the mind games, life is what you put into it, BELIEVE that you will find the right person.  Save your money and buy a nice pair of boots!  
Here is what I predict we will all find what it is that we really want if we believe and truly know what we want.  As with everything in life it’s a gamble but you never know what the cards hold until to play the game.

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