Answers to what all Single Gals want to know….

Currently I am at a lost for blog content, since I do not have an active dating life I needed something to write about. This prompted me to send an e-mail to my closest gal pals for topic suggestions and here is what they sent me:
1) The biggest challenge for single women in today’s dating world that’s easy TECHNOLOGY!!!!
2) Online dating.. BLOWS!! That being said I have tried it and I did blog about it, it was more of an experiment really just to prove to myself that yes it BLOWS!
3) New ways to meet menThis one made me giggle because if I had the answer to this I’d be dating.
4) How to meet menOnce again more giggling, however ladies if any of you have suggestions please send them my way so I can share with all the other Single Gals out there.
5) Quick ways to a man’s heartA Shotgun??? Oh wait we are talking love here, I stick by my first answer a shot gun can work wonders.
I guess I am still at a loss for content so if you have any suggestions please send them my way.

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