Happy Movember!

This morning I was waiting in line at Tim’s Horton’s for my morning cup of liquid gold when I noticed three different guys sporting  70’s porn star moustaches. 

Then walking to my office I see more moustaches! What’s going on here? Did I miss the memo, are the 70’s coming back? Does this mean I don’t have to get waxed ever again? By the time I get to the office it dawns on me that it’s Movember! These brave men are out there looking like possible pedophiles and 70’s porn stars to help raise awareness for Prostate Cancer, the number one male cancer. 
Ladies if your man is supporting the cause give him lots of love. I think it’s great to see men participating in raising awareness for health or any issues that need to be talked about.  For all you guys willing to look quite ridiculous with your cheesy moustaches KUDOS to you!  Since you look like a 70’s porn star here’s hoping your good efforts get you a little porn star lovin’ from the woman supporting your cause this month.
Happy Movember!


  1. I just showed this to my hubby because he is sporting the porn star stash and now he insists we have prn star lovin'…help! What exactly is porn star lovin'?

  2. Sue, I'm gonna say that Porn Star lovin' is selective to the individual. For me that may involve a sexy romp on the balcony of the Hilton, for others that may be an everyday occurrence (lucky bitches). Have fun it sounds like you're getting some.. 🙂

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