Do you remember your first kiss?

**This was a writing assignment for a course I am taking, the teacher loved it so I thought I’d share**
I was eleven years old when I first kissed a boy. I knew before heading out that night to the community centre pool that I would get my first kiss. On the drive there my stomach was gurgling, one moment my skin was on fire and the next I’d have goose bumps. I wanted to scream “Dad turn around lets go home!’
I enter the centre to the overpowering aroma of chlorine which burned my eyes and hot grease that made me nauseous. Kids were running around splashing and screaming at each other. I see my friends but before I could run out of there the girls were beside me pushing me towards the stairwell, giggling and chanting “Nat’s going to kiss a boy!” 
Winston was a cute brown haired green eyed boy whose voice squeaked when he said Hi.  We stood facing each other not sure what to do next when the girls instruct us to put our faces together and kiss like they do on TV. 
Winston leans in; when his lips first touch mine I get an electric shock and pull back. He hesitates for a moment then leans in again; he presses his lips gently against mine. They are soft and he tasted of Juicy Fruit gum. I can feel the heat rush through my body and I can hear the pounding of my heart. I pull away, say “thank you “and run off. That was the last time I saw Winston. 
 That was my first kiss. Do you remember yours? 

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