Things to consider when picking a new hairstyle

One of the most annoying things as a hairstylist is when someone comes in with a picture of a haircut, and the hair in the picture is nothing like the hair on the person. Hairstylists are not magicians, we cannot make you look like the person in the picture  and we can’t magically change the texture of your hair without chemicals!

So I want to share with you a few tips when picking out your next big hair cut!

1) If your hair is straight don’t pick out a picture/style of someone with curly or wavy hair unless you plan on perming it. Now perms have actually come a long way and you can pretty much get any texture of hair you want, but not without damage being done.  The curls in the picture don’t accurately represent how the hair cut will look on you  so it doesn’t make sense to show that to your hairstylist if you want a specific change.

2) This brings me to my next point, which is to look at the actual hair cut closely instead of the styling  of the hair. Questions you should be asking are, Where does the shortest piece fall? Is there lots of layers  and do you want that many? Where is the part placed and is yours the same, if not are you going to try and change it?  Can you style it so it looks like the picture and how much time in the mornings do you have to work on your hair?? The answers to these types of questions will determine whether that is the right cut for you.

3) Bangs! Everyone usually tries bangs at least once and they do really change a hairstyle. So if you do not have or want bangs I would stay away from picking out a picture that has bangs. If there are certain components of the cut you like, by all means bring it into the salon, but just know that the cut won’t look the same if the picture has bangs and you don’t. Also if you have a cowlick and decide to try bangs, you better know that specific styling is required on your part after you leave the salon. Hairstylists can make cowlicks disappear, but can you??

4) Color! When you’ve picked out a picture to bring in make sure it is not actually the color you like rather than the haircut. Color can also change the look of a haircut, with highlights placed in certain spots or the way it makes your skin tone look, so be sure you are looking at cut and color separately if you are not planning on coloring.

There are so many different ways to determine what hair cut is right for you that I can’t even cover them all here. But, I think this is a good starting point!

Happy cutting!

Glamour girl






“Best Friends Never Have Bad Hair Days!”

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